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The owner of this website is AKFE Yapı İnşaat Turizm Yatırım Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (hereinafter referred to as “Atlasholidays”) and all kinds of authority for use and disposal of this website belongs to Atlasholidays. By accessing and using of this website, the user accepts privacy policy on this website.

Atlasholidays cares customer intimacy and your privacy. To act in this manner, we are committed to protecting and safeguarding any personal data you provide us. This document describes how we use and process your personal data and how we use cookies. You may always contact us in case you have questions about your personal data or about cookies.

Atlasholidays makes every effort to avoid excessive or irrelevant collection of data. Atlasholidays encourage the visitors to contact at to raise any concerns regarding the personel data or information stated in this section.



With the consent of the user, Atlasholidays may collect personal information shared by the user including but not limited to name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address, identifying information, invoice details, ticket and travel details.

Please note that he expression of “Personal Data” refers to the information about you or the third parties you represent. This data is collected in aforesaid conditions:

- In case data processing is permitted by law

- In case data processing is compulsory to protect the physical integrity or life of the user or another person where the user is legally incapable of granting approval in case data processing is a necessity in order to execute or perform the contract In case related user revealed the related data of himself/herself to the public

- In case data processing is a necessity for the instution, usage of protection of a right

- In case data processing is a necessity for the legal interests of the data controller, on condition that the fundementaş rights and freedoms of user are not harmed.

Please note that Atlasholidays shall use the collected data for the purposes stated below:

primarily for meeting the demands,

- to finalize and administer your online reservation(s),

- to complete your booked accommodation(s),

- to provide good, qualified, effective and customized service,

- to improve the website,

- to form client list for correspondence,

- to organize the transactions regarding Atlasholidays accounts,

- to list by creating a database, reporting, verification, analysis, assessment,

- to create statistical information,

- to plan promotional and campaign activities,

- to improve the services,

- to find solutions to problems that may occur when sending e-mail,

- to detect and prevent fraud and other illegal or unwanted activities,

- to invite you to guest review for the purpose of developing our services

In addition to that, we offer you to apply to the user account facility in our web site. By doing so, you may manage your bookings, make future reservations, be informed of special offers, manage your settings more easily.

We may use your contact information to send you news of similar travel-related products and services in accordance with law. With your consent – if consent is required under local law – we may also send you other regular newsletters by email. Please note that it is possible for you to opt out, or unsubscribe, from marketing communications at any time using the "Unsubscribe" link in each newsletter, or you can administer your subscriptions through your account if previously created by you.

With the consent of the user These information can be shared and used  by Atlasholidays’ affiliates, Atlasholidays’ agencies, employees and offices to achieve full and complete performance of service, to realize the sales process .

Atlasholidays confirms and guarantees that privacy of users’ information is essential for Atlasholidays and these information shall not be shared with third parties and institutions except legally authorized bodies, without approval of the user.



Most of Atlasholidays’ form, where the data is sent, are protected by SSL technology. Once Atlasholidays has received such data, this data is protected in accordance with strict security and confidentiality standards. To take advantage of SSL, the browser of user must support SSL and SSL options have to be enabled in the browser. The data and transactions entered shall be retained by Atlasholidays as long as it is legally required.



Cookies are small data files that the web server stores in computer via browser. When there is a connection between browser and the server, the website can then identify the user. The purpose of using cookies is to facilitate use of the website for the visitor. A cookie can be used to store registration information in an area of the site so that a visitor/customer does not need to re-enter it on subsequent visits to web site.  Please be informed that Atlasholidays uses cookies to make navigation of our web sites easier for visitors/customer and to faciliate efficient registration procedures.

There are different types of cookie and different ways of using them. Cookies can be categorized according to their function, their lifespan and according to who places them on a website. There are four types of cookies according to the purpose of use:

- Session Cookies: This type of cookie is needed for the proper operation of the Atlasholidays website. These cookies allow for visits to the website and permit the user to benefit from the features offered. Session cookies are used to carry data between the pages of the website, removing the need to re-enter data.

- Performance Cookies: These cookies collect data on how frequently the pages are visited, error messages, if any, the time spent on the pages, and the way in which the user makes use of the website. The information collected is used to increase the performance of the website.

- Functional Cookies: These cookies serve to remember the selections the user has made on the website, thus facilitating the user's entries. These cookies provide the user access to the advanced features of the website.

- Promotional or Third Party Cookies: Atlasholidays, uses cookies belonging to third party suppliers in order to be able to make use of certain functions on their websites. There are also cookies belonging to companies that follow the advertisements on the website.

In general, Internet browsers are predefined to accept cookies automatically. Browsers may be set to block cookies or alert users when cookies are sent. Managing cookies differs from browser to browser so more detailed information may be obtained from the help menu provided by the browser.



Atlasholidays controls the processing of personal data on its websites and mobile apps. Atlasholidays is a joint stock company, incorporated under the laws of Turkey and has its offices at Istanbul, Bakırköy, Florya, Şenlikköy Mah. Yeşilköy Cad. No:11/A-4.

Any disputes that may arise as a result of access to or use of this website, are governed by the laws of Turkey and Istanbul Courts and Executive Offices shall be competent in resolving disputes.

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to